Skills Training

Our poultry skills training programmes enhance both knowledge and productivity.

Our programmes have two target strands:

  • Information update by knowledge transfer
  • Establishment of operational methods to deliver practical outcomes

And we join with our students in two delivery methods:

  • On site analysis and determination of practical action
  • In-class individual and team coaching
Bespoke training programme

When setting up a bespoke training programme we will spend time with you to gain a detailed understanding of your specific needs, targets and requirements.  We will then formulate, manage and direct your training programme to enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Review and monitoring

At FCE we believe that training and development are ongoing processes.  We review expected performance before the training is begun, and then thereafter we monitor by feed-back from clients, on-site visits, and follow-up.  We will create on-going basic and intermediate training programmes with refresher workshops available in order to maintain optimum operational levels.

FCE offers bespoke training courses in any or all aspects of:

Hatchery operations

Broiler flock management

Breeder flock management


Each FCE course is unique, but all have the following in common;

Delivered by our own core team together with independent industry specialists

Direct targeting of work-based know-how

Mix of classroom & practical working

Individual tutoring together with team-up project work

Emphasis on both new and established knowledge applications

Delivery tailored to appropriate staffing level

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