Interacting Remotely

Emma Longley

FCE has been expanding its training role by creating interactive development workshops

This week Michael and Jim ran our first remote interactive development workshop. Like many others the current lock-down has given us an opportunity to explore how we can offer our services remotely. With this in mind we are working to create a series of short  interactive development workshops.  Run using internet conferencing systems the workshops are meant for small groups of 6 to 8.  Designed to be highly interactive they  are split over two phases held a week apart. The first phase is around 2 hours long and follows the format of a workshop.  Attendees are then given a related business scenario to resolve, presenting their results to the entire group a week later.  Jim commented

“While we still believe face to face training is key, FCE has recognised and responded to the need to be able to provide a different training format in the current environment”

and Michael added

“It was important to develop online workshops that are interactive and as close to face to face as we could get.”

Unique training environment

As Jim and Michael discovered remote training creates a unique environment for both the trainers and the attendees. Michael and Jim worked hard to adapt content and format to overcome this. As this is new to us all, our highly experienced trainers will continue to learn, develop, and adapt to ensure the best possible format is achieved for future workshops. Remote interaction might be the only option available to us at this time, but we are confident that interactive development workshops have a place in FCEs future training portfolio.  As highlighted by Michael

“Going forwards we will be developing new courses like the one run this week as well as supplements to some of our existing training material.”

The first course “Understanding Integrated Supply Chain Profit Drivers” was designed to give an overall understanding and awareness of integrations.  The feedback received has been positive and we are happy to see from our feedback survey  that the attendees had a very high satisfaction rate.

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