Food Chain Enterprises recognises that there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for developing a business and its people.

Our experience of the integrated poultry sector puts us in an ideal position to provide appropriate and targeted training.

FCE’s training approach

FCE’s training approach is based on a detailed understanding of the aims and objectives of your business. The building of long-term relationships helps us adapt future training needs in line with your business development strategy.


We will equip people with the vision, leadership, creativity and skills to bring about sustained change, improved performance and enhanced financial results.

All skill levels

At FCE we offer both tailor-made skills programmes and compliance training, creating development opportunities for people operating at all levels within the poultry industry, whether that’s organisational, team or individual.

Training to suit your needs

All our training courses are designed to exceed any minimum training requirements and can be delivered either in-house or at local venues to suit your business needs.

Our training programmes

Skills Training

Our poultry skills training programmes enhance both knowledge and productivity.

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Management Training

Our management training courses are designed to develop the skills of individuals to allow them to not only achieve greater success in their current roles, but to help to prepare them for their next step up the career ladder.

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Compliance Training

Compliance training simply refers to the process of educating employees on the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job and responsibilities by demonstrating due diligence and adhering to industry best practices.

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