Providing Technical Support During Lockdown

Emma Longley

Michael has been speaking to the Poultry Site about the issues of providing technical advice during a lockdown.

In an article published on the 26th June Michael discussed the issues that poultry producers are currently facing and the challenges of providing technical support remotely.

The food service industry closed almost overnight when lockdown hit.  This has had huge consequences for many poultry producers.  Re-distribution of product to other markets and the subsequent effect this may have on bird numbers and product mix has been a concern.  This has envitably changed the sort of technical support producers are looking for.

The implementation of lockdown meant that face to face technical support  stopped almost immediately.  As we all know the solution to this has been to employ the use of technology to allow us to connect remotely. The internet has been key in allowing the provision of technical support to continue.  Meetings, review of data, consultancy and training all being done remotely over the internet.  But what of the future for technology within agriculture?  Agriculture has traditionally been slow to embrace technology.  But the lockdown must surely put technology and the benefits it can have at the forefront of producers minds. For future technical support remote access to performance and environmental data will become increasingly important.  Producers will need to be adaptable and proactive in embracing this.

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