Heres how to train your team remotely

Emma Longley

In the third in a series of articles published on the Poultry Site Jim has been discussing remote training.

In the article, published on the 26th August, Jim spoke to the Poultry Site about remote training.  How best to achieve it and some of the tools available to make remote training as interactive as possible.

The COVID-19 lockdown has highlighted just how valuable remote training can be. But there is no doubt remote training is a very different experience for both the trainer and the trainees.  Despite the many difficulties that lockdown has created, in many it has provided a perfect time to focus on training, and upskilling or reskilling of current staff.

There are a number of technologies available to support remote training, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  These platforms allow live interaction with the tutorand ususally work best with small groups.

E-learning, where material produced by experts is available online, allows staff to learn at their own pace.

And while it is difficult to complete some training remotely, remote camera access to houses can provide an invaluable training aid for different aspects of livestock managment and behaviour training.

Jim was also keen to highlight the need to make remote training as interactive as possible through the use of tools such as voting apps, polls, chat functions, and breakout rooms.

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