FCE / Progressus Agrischools Announce New Dates for Schools in 2024

Emma Longley

New Progressus Agrischools/FCE in person schools announced for 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will be running two in-person schools in collaboration with Progressus Agrischools next year.

After the success of the Broiler Management School earlier this year, the second Broiler Management School will be held in Bangkok on 5 to 8 March 2024.

New for 2024 is our in-person Breeder Management School which will run 13-17 May 2024, again in Bangkok.

Aimed at those wishing to improve and develop current knowledge, both schools are highly interactive and practical, converting science into practical and proven on-farm techniques to optimise performance and maximise health and welfare.

Michael Longley, FCEs Manging Consultant, who leads the schools  said “it is great that we have not one but two schools running next year in conjunction with Progressus Agrischools.  We look forward to welcoming more students to our in-person schools where they can expect an interactive and discursive learning experience”.

Registrations for both schools is NOW OPEN visit:

In-Person AgriSchools (progressus.asia)

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