FCE launch their new online consultancy platform

Emma Longley

With face to face consultancy currently not possible FCE is launching an online consultancy platform.

We are here to service the poultry industry and recognise that online consultancy may be a key management tool not just now, but also in the future as we all re-asses how we do business.

If you are having production issues or are looking for some help to develop or improve your poultry business drop us a line.  Send us photos, videos, performance data, along with a summary of the issues.  We will review the information and organise a live online consultancy session to work through your issues with you.  If you have a portable camera (such as a smart phone), we can even join you on a live walk through of your sheds.

Do not forget as the go to hub for poultry specialists we can offer consultancy in all areas of integrated poultry production;  hatcheries, breeders and broilers, and including feed milling and processing.  We can also offer expertise in finance, project management, greenfield development, feasibility studies and commercial layer production.

To see how we can provide an online consultancy package for you, contact us.  You can email one of the team directly or use the contact form on the website.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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