A successful week at the second in-person Broiler Management school

Emma Longley

A successful week at the second in-person Broiler Management school

Earlier this month we ran our second in-person Broiler Management school in collaboration with Progressus Agischools.  We were delighted to welcome 15 students from across the Philippines Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Thailand, working in all areas of the broiler supply chain, to the school which ran from the 5th to 8th March in Bangkok.  The school covered all aspects of broiler farming from placement through to catching, and included interactive sessions on brooding set-up, virtual farm visits to learn about broiler development and ventilation, a laboratory visit with a focus on gut health, and plenty of group workshops and interactive discussions.

What did the students have to say

‘I really enjoyed the 4-day short course because I learned everything I needed. I have had zero knowledge of poultry since the beginning and now I’m ready to take on the challenge of being part of making the chickens happy. This short course equipped me with knowledge. The speakers were full of knowledge and experience. They were brilliant and very open to questions.’

From Mechanical Engineer Analyst, Philippines


‘The course was very fruitful and also helpful with upgraded information about broiler management & all the sectors related to this part. Keep arranging such programs to keep us updated.’

From Senior Executive Marketing, Bangladesh

‘The environment of this course was great and comfortable. The content and presentation were very fruitful. I liked the participatory programs. The practical PM session was excellent.’

From Nutritionist, Bangladesh

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