FCE Pointers: Considerations for poultry Greenfield developments

Emma Longley

FCE has Global experience of managing and developing Greenfield developments.  Broiler farms, broiler breeder farms, commercial layer farms, hatcheries, feed mills and processing plants, we have experience in them all.  So what are the top 5 considerations for Greenfield poultry developments?

Land selection: No land, no development so investing in the right land is key.  Check who owns the title deeds to the land. Do not overlook drainage, potential land needs to be well drained and fit for building on.  Know your neighbours, or more importantly who your future neighbours might be.  You do not want land located near areas that will become urbanised in the future. Make sure you asses all the costs of each plot of land e.g. will it need to be levelled or cleared.


Biosecurity: Can you secure the site and keep it bio secure?  Consider the proximity to other poultry and areas of water that may attract wild fowl.  How close is the site to neighbouring populations? The further away the better.  Can you dispose of waste bio securely?


Services: What is the availability and ease of access to potable water, electricity and gas and what are the access roads like?.


Staffing: Where will you source staff in relation to the development?


Logistics: For hatcheries – consider how close the farms that will be serviced by the hatchery are located?

For broiler farms – consider processing plant logistics.  How far will birds have to travel to the processing plant, what condition are the roads in, and what will the processing line speeds be?

For broiler breeder farms – consider how far away the hatchery is, and what condition the roads are in?

For commercial layer farms – consider where the customers are located and what the road conditions are like?



A sneaky 6th point: with any development it is important to consider future expansion potential, before starting there must be vison and foresight for the long term.

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