FCE Pointers: Cleaning & Disinfection

Emma Longley

Good cleaning and disinfection of houses and equipment will help minimise the risk of disease and microbial challenge for day-old chicks.

Plan & prepare: Have a clear plan for C&D in place.  Prepare by completing  a dry clean of the house and all equipment.  Remove litter and then pre-spray to remove remaining organic material.

Cleaning: Clean the water system and then wash the internal house and all equipment with a compatible detergent.  Don’t forget to wash the exterior of the house.

Disinfection: Disinfect the interior of the house and all equipment.

Evaluation: Test for the presence of Salmonella to determine that C&D has been effective.  If testing reveals Salmonella further C&D must take place.

Rodent Control: An effective rodent control programme must be in place prior to bird placement.

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