5 Steps to Performance Improvement

Emma Longley

This week FCE is proud to launch our new service 5 Steps to Performance Improvement.


With margins being squeezed tighter than ever, this new initiative is aimed at any poultry producers who are looking for help to improve product performance, efficiency of production and profitability without breaking the bank.

In 5 simple steps we will create for you a bespoke product improvement plan.

Under the security of a Non-Disclosure Agreement the initial consultation, data analysis and feedback of key findings is completed free of charge.

Michael Longley, FCEs Managing Consultant commented “We wanted to create a new service for small to medium scale poultry producers that would provide a simple, effective and affordable path to product improvement.  In the current climate it was also important to develop a service that could be run completely remotely if required.”


Michael added “With extensive Global experience of the whole poultry supply chain from Great Grandparents to hatcheries, and including processing, feed milling and commercial egg laying, once we have analysed the performance data FCE will then create a practical and achievable product improvement plan (PIP) to generate better performance and more revenue.”

To find out more and to see how we can help you contact any member of the FCE team or email info@foodchainenterprises.com.

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