Communicating & Influencing Skills

Target audience

Why is it that some conversations go really well and some just go dramatically wrong? In today’s world, no matter your role – manager, sales professional or customer representative – you need to influence effectively and have productive conversations.

This programme is designed to help you understand you own communication style and impact, and how you can adapt your influencing strategy and approach to consistently achieve positive outcomes.

This is a one day course.

Content overview
  • What is communication and what gets in the way?
  • Your own communication style and the impact this has on others
  • What motivates people and how this influences conversation
  • Push and Pull influencing techniques
  • Powerful questioning and listening skills
  • Delivering your message and needs assertively
  • Building rapport and demonstrating empathy
  • Gaining commitment
  • Selecting an influencing strategy to achieve your outcome

The programme is highly practical with delegates working in groups to assess their natural style, using realistic case studies to practise different skills and receiving individual feedback.

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