Biosecurity and Hygiene for Hatcheries Short Course

This is a half day course designed for all people who work with poultry, and is delivered by a trainer with 20 years of experience in the industry.

Courses have been individually tailored for hatcheries and farms/catching.

It is approved by British Poultry Training for the Poultry Passport Scheme and a certificate is issued upon completion.

Content overview
  • What is Biosecurity?
  • Reasons for biosecurity and site hygiene procedures
  • Specific measures required to control Campylobacter and Salmonella
  • Identification of poultry diseases and specific control measures
  • Equipment required for maintenance of biosecurity
  • How to obtain the required equipment
  • Monitoring and auditing of biosecurity procedures
  • Personal hygiene requirements and reasons for these
  • Identification of EU & UK legislation, codes of practice and assurance scheme standards
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Procedures for the safe storage and use of chemicals
  • Chemical dilution rates and their importance
  • COSHH requirements
  • PPE required
  • Disposal of spent products or solutions

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