Our specialist poultry consultancy service provides solutions and methodologies for improved performance.

The FCE core team has created a unique network of poultry industry consultants. Each has been identified as having advanced first-hand knowledge and practical experience of the integrated poultry supply chain.

Comprehensive support service

With one project team we can give you an unrivalled, comprehensive support service, and cohesive, bespoke solutions to fully cover your integrated supply chain needs.

Tailor-made consultancy plans

We offer to a wide range of companies and individual clients tailor-made consultancy plans, from one off auditing visits of performance and facilities to retained consultancy over an extended period.

Progressive and up to date

To address the demands of the fast-developing poultry industry, we work hard to ensure that we remain progressive and up to date by maintaining open communication with other industry professionals around the Globe.

One-to-one specialist contact

FCE offers support to new, established, and integrated poultry businesses around the world by providing one-to-one contact with renowned specialists so that together we can review, understand and improve the performance of your business.

Independent advice

All FCE consultants provide advice independent of any manufacturer, producer or equipment supplier.  Business investment guidances are based solely on what is best for your business and what will deliver against your company requirements.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Expertise

FCEs international network of consultants, ranging from experienced senior executives with major poultry companies to specialist industry sector experts, come from academic, professional and practical backgrounds.

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How we connect with you

Initialising contact with us is straightforward. Email us or phone. We will follow up with whatever medium is convenient to yourselves.

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Contact our experts

Get in touch with one of our experts and find out how we can help your business.