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Who are NewQuip

Newquip Limited is a family business which was established in January 2000. They are the sole UK distributor of the World’s leading supplier of Poultry and Pig Equipment, Big Dutchman. They have successfully completed over 5000 installations to date.



In August 2020, FCE was approached by Adam Dye, Newquips managing director to do some training.  The company had recently increased focus on supplying housing and equipment to the broiler industry.  Having employed new salesmen, Adam wanted them and existing salesmen to have training in broiler management, and to gain a better understanding of   broiler breeders.

The Challenge

The main challenge facing Newquip was the lack of in-house training capacity.  Adam told us


“For me it is important that my salesmen are able to talk knowledgably to current and potential customers, not just about the equipment we sell but also about bird management. “

The Process

Michaels starting point was to have discussions with Adam and the new salesmen to establish current knowledge levels and the desired outcome from the training.   Both Adam and his team wanted to increase their knowledge base to a level that would allow them to have useful and informed discussions about bird management in relation to flock and equipment performance.  To deal with the specific needs of Newquip Michael developed a face-to-face course which was run over a total of 5 days.  The course covered:

  • Broilers: basic broiler management from placement to depletion including biosecurity and cleaning and disinfection
  • Breeder Rearing: basic rearing management for breeders including grading and vaccination
  • Breeder production: basic production management for breeders including male management, post-peak management, transfer and egg handling

All modules were designed to be highly practical and Michael developed detailed practical sessions which included:

  • Brooding
  • Grading
  • Male management
  • Egg handling
  • Anatomy

At the end of the module a test was given, and a certificate issued.





The Newquip sales team were ideally placed to take part in a practical session on uniformity and grading.

The Results

CE was able to fulfil a training requirement that had been identified by Newquip as an area for improvement.  The training supplied provided detailed knowledge transfer to help facilitate confidence and understanding in Newquips sales and customer base.


“Thank you for your time and the informative sessions. I feel as though I have taken away knowledge that I wouldn’t of necessarily taken the time to learn, but is in fact the important foundation of further learning.”


“I had limited knowledge going into the session, I feel I have now enough knowledge to talk to and understand the farmers.”

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