Compliance Training

Compliance training simply refers to the process of educating employees on the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job and responsibilities by demonstrating due diligence and adhering to industry best practices.

Our compliance training will be tailored to your individual business needs and provides:

  • Basic Skills – induction and refresher training
  • Consistent level training
  • Compliance to industry standards to meet customer requirements
Poultry Passport

Poultry Passport is an industry standard training scheme for every employee working within the UK Poultry Industry.  Food Chain Enterprises provide 3 levels of training courses and refresher training.  All our Poultry Passport courses have been fully approved under the scheme.

Our team of experienced trainers are approved to deliver all Poultry Passport courses using their previous experiences as Auditors and Consultants. Their combined knowledge means we offer clients and attendees valuable advice on the requirements of assurance schemes.

Poultry Training Record

The Poultry Training Record is the international version of the UK Poultry Passport. It uses the same minimal training standards, to ensure true equivalence for compliance with assurance scheme requirements.

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